About the food

At Habanero’s there’s a lot of good going on in your burrito. Everything we make on our menu is made fresh daily in our kitchens with minimal use of oils and completely free from preservatives (except for fresh lime juice). You can rest assured that our food is wholesome and preservative and additive free. Everything we offer we cook from scratch with the exception of our tortillas, tortilla chips, cheese and sour cream which are produced off site. You can get a great tasting meal that’s bursting with goodness.

Pinto and black beans:

Pinto beans are one of the worlds healthiest super foods full of vitamins, minerals and protein. They help lower cholesterol and taste great. Black beans are also packed with wholesome goodness that’s great for your digestive well being. We serve a mix of pinto and black beans to give you a delicious meal that’s full of nourishment.

Fresh salsa:

Our fresh salsa is made from bell peppers, red onion, tomato, garlic, lime, coriander and basil that are full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.


Habanero’s guacamole is made fresh everyday from hand crushed avocados, diced red onion and tomatoes, coriander, red Dutch chilli and lime juice.


All our sauces are made in store using all natural ingredients and chillies from our chilli farm MonkeyFace.


We use Cornish pork and Devonshire beef provided by Brian Ethrington butchers which is located in Scorrier in Cornwall.


Our local grocer brings us deliveries 7 days a week to ensure that everything from our fajita vegetables to our lollo rosso lettuce are as fresh as possible.

Imported ingredients:

There are some ingredients we have to import from the far reaches of the globe such as our avocados, black beans and our limes and pinto beans are imported from Mexico.


We use home-grown chillies from our very own chilli farm MonkeyFace.

We serve our nachos, bare burritos and fajitas and salad boxes in biodegradable containers.

Gluten free

All of our meats, beans, salsa and guacamole , sauces and cheese are gluten free. We have many gluten free options on our menu including soft and crispy shell tacos, nachos, salad boxes. You can also have a bare burrito or fajita which are served in a box without a wrap.

Dairy free

Our meats, beans, tortillas, guacamole and salsas are dairy free. Our sour cream and cheese are the only menu options that include dairy produce.


Our vegetarian option fajita vegetables can be served without any dairy products as a burrito, tacos, nachos, salad box or bare burrito making a delicious vegan option.

Commonly asked questions

The difference between a Habanero’s burrito and fajita?
Our burrito has rice and beans as its base and our fajita has sautéed peppers and onions.
How hot is the food?
We make our fillings mild so that you can add the heat you like with sauces and jalapenos.
How to eat a burrito?
We always recommend that you unwrap one end of you burrito and eat your way down unwrapping as you go.
Not wanting an item in your burrito?
Any of the items that come with the burrito that you don’t want just inform your server. You can have your meal made the way you like.